Skin Cleansing

What is required of skin cleansers at work is quite different to what is required of the skin cleansers commonly used at home. Contact with heavyduty to extreme contamination and very stubborn substances, as well as frequently needing to wash hands are an everyday reality at work. Selecting the products according to the specific types of contamination involved is the most important principle for gentle and at the same time economical skin cleansing.

Products Properties Dispenser
Estesol® classic [ESTESOL®]          
Estesol® hair&body [STOKO® HAIR&BODY]            
Estesol® mild wash [FRAPANTOL® ECO'LINE]          
Estesol® premium [PRAECUTAN® PLUS]      
Kresto kwik-wipes®                
Kresto® classic [KRESTO®]            
Kresto® paint [SLIG® SPECIAL]            
Kresto® paint liquid [SLIG®]              
Solopol® classic [SOLOPOL®]                  
Solopol® natural [SOLOPOL® ECO'LINE]        
Solopol® strong [KRESTOPOL®]