Solopol® classic

Traditional hand cleanser with time-proven cleaning system for heavy-duty skin cleansing.

    • strong cleansing action 
    • traditional product with proven cleansing system contains scrubbing-agent Astopon® (refined walnut shell powder) 
    • contains skin protectant Eucornol®, aloe vera and refatting agent 
    • leaves a pleasant skin sensation
    • paste
    • perfumed
    • skin-friendly pH-value
    • heavy-duty to extra-heavy-duty contamination from e. g. oils, greases, carbon black, graphite, metallic dust, lubricants
    • 250-ml-tube
    • 2000-ml-soft bottle (V)
    • 5-l-canister (with hand pump)

(V) = for all Stoko Vario® mat dispensers 

Please note that for reasons of trademark protection, the soft bottles from the STOKO® Programme may only be used in those dispensers which are marked with STOKO®. In accordance with REACH directive (1907/2006/EC), no safety data sheet has to be prepared for cosmetic products (Article 2, 6b). Many of the required details refer to chemicals and are not relevant to cosmetic products; we therefore prepare safety data sheets in accordance with EU regulations.