Skin Protection

Skin protectants need to be selected according to the skin hazards present at the particular workplace. After an in-depth hazard analysis, which will first of all assess how implementation of technical, organisational and personal protective measures might help (e.g. wearing gloves), skin protectants can be used as a preventive measure. If the optimum effect is to be achieved, it isvital that the right skin protectants be chosen for the specific contaminants encountered.

Product Properties Dispenser
Stokoderm® aqua sensitive [STOKO PROTECT+®]  
Stokoderm® foot care [STOKO FOOT CARE®]      
Stokoderm® frost [STOKO® FROST PROTECT]      
Stokoderm® glove&grip [STOKO® EMULSION]  
Stokoderm® twinprotect sensitive [PRAECUTAN® TWINPROTECT]  
Stokoderm® universal [STOKO® UNIVERSAL]      
Stokoderm® UV 50+ outdoor        
Travabon® classic [TRAVABON®]        
Travabon® light [STOKO PRELABO®]      
Travabon® S classic [TRAVABON® S]      
Travabon® special [ARRETIL®]