Stokoderm® UV 50+ outdoor

Moisturizing Sun Protection Spray against UV-A/UV-B radiation.

    • SPF 50+
    • UV-A protection according to EU-recommendation
    • immediate protection
    • extra water resistant
    • 24-hour hydration
    • for sensitive skin
    • Spray
    • Advised in contexts of strong, natural UV exposure, e.g. in following professional domains: construction, agriculture, roofing, farming, viniculture, bathing, shipping
    • 200-ml-Pumpspray bottle

Using skin protectants does not mean the prescribed protective measures no longer need to be taken. In accordance with REACH directive (1907/2006/EC), no safety data sheet has to beprepared for cosmetic products (Article 2, 6b). Many of the required details refer to chemicals and are not relevant to cosmetic products; we therefore prepare safety data sheets in accordance with EU regulations.