Stokolan® classic

Skin care for all skin types

    • quickly absorbed
    • has a soothing effect on the skin
    • contains urea and glycerine
    • for heavily-stressed skin as well
    • HACCP-assessed (perfume-free formulation)
    • cream (O/W emulsion)
    • perfumed or perfume-free (100 ml tube and 1000 ml soft bottle)
    • care cream
    • for your hands and face
    • good care effect
    • 20 ml tube
    • 100 ml tube
    • 1000 ml soft bottle (V)

(Please note that for reasons of trademark protection, the soft bottles from the STOKO® Programme may only be used in those dispensers which are marked with STOKO®.
Using skin protectants does not mean the prescribed protective measures no longer need to be taken. In accordance with REACH directive (1907/2006/EC), no safety data sheet has to be prepared for cosmetic products (Article 2, 6b). Many of the required details refer to chemicals and are not relevant to cosmetic products; we therefore prepare safety data sheets in accordance with EU regulations.