Travabon® classic / Travabon® S classic

Help to protect your skin against oily and water-insoluble workplace substances. Make it easier to clean your skin after contact with heavy-duty contamination.

    • enhanced protective action through skin protection pigments
    • facilitates cleansing of the skin thanks to soil suspending emulsifiers
    • with glycerine and emollients
    • ointment (suspension) 
    • oil-free, silicone-free 
    • stubborn, non-water soluble dirt such as oils, paints, graphite, metallic dust, adhesives, carbon black
    • water-insoluble substances
    • Travabon® classic: 100 ml tube
    • Travabon® S classic: 1000 ml Softbottle (V)

Please note that for reasons of trademark protection, the soft bottles from the STOKO Programme may only be used in those dispensers which are marked with STOKO. In accordance with REACH directive (1907/2006/EC), no safety data sheet has to be prepared for cosmetic products (Article 2, 6b). Many of the required details refer to chemicals and are not relevant to cosmetic products; we therefore prepare safety data sheets in accordance with EU regulations.