Stoko Refresh Products

STOKO Refresh®  - The best solution for hand sanitizing from the worldwide supplier of commercial skin care products - with more than 75 years experience in independent research, development and product consulting.

The STOKO Refresh®  4-in-1 dispensing system is the latest economical, cutting edge innovation from STOKO® Professional Skin Care. With only 2 dispenser sizes you can choose between 4 product categories and 4 product types.

Product Dispencer   Foam   Gel  Liquid   Spray 
Anti-Bacterial Foam Cleanser        
Food Handlers Foam Cleanser        
Hand, Hair & Body Foam        
Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam        
Moisturizing Foam Cleanser with Aloe Vera        
Sensitive Skin Foam        
STOKO Refresh® Alcohol Based Sanitizing Gel        
STOKO Refresh® Dispenser 1000        
STOKO Refresh® Dispenser 500        
STOKO Refresh® Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray        
STOKO Refresh® Mild Liquid Cleanser        
STOKO Refresh® Moisturizing Spray        
STOKO Refresh® Touchless Dispenser